Welcome to website of E.S.K.V. Odin, the strength sports association for all students in Eindhoven. This site is a work in progress. Please use the register button below if you wish to join the association.

About ESKV Odin

Odin is the Eindhoven student strength-sports association, and is – as the name implies – for every student interested in strength sports or fitness. We consist of beginners and advanced athletes, with goals varying from getting stronger to getting leaner, more muscular, fit or healthier.

We bond in- and outside of the gym, combine our knowledge and experience, and most of all motivate each other to the end to reach our goals!

Join our association and find:

A friendly atmosphere in which you can ask questions about technique, programming, goal setting and competition preparation
Our current training evening each Friday
Strength sports-related activities like a deadlift party/strength meet, seminars/courses about powerlifting, calisthenics, bodybuilding, nutrition and supplements
Social activities like a BBQ, sushi dining, pub crawl, pooling and bowling
A team that goes to competitions together to support our competing athletes
Instantaneous gains


The board of ESKV Odin consists of three members:

President: Luc Hermans
Secretary: Tjomme Dooper
Treasurer: Tim de Klerk

A core group of the current members heard the wishes of many people at the gym for a new strength sport association and the three above-mentioned took the lead to establish ESKV Odin.

Our primary goals will be to gain a good reputation and name recognition, create a good structure of organisation, recruit new members and adequate follow-up of the board for the association to continue to rise.